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As a Residential Mortgage Broker you do a lot of networking. Why not use those valuable skills to refer us any commercial loan deals that you might run into? No knowledge of commercial lending is needed. 

We can offer you…..

  • Additional ancillary income. For your Clients that we can help you will earn 30% of what we make. Our minimum fee on loans is normally 1% of the loan amount. In 2016 the average referral payout per loan was $2,300.00.
  • A great resource to send business loan leads.
  • Happy Clients. Your Clients will love us. We solve a problem better that anyone else; finding the best deal on a business loan. Your Clients will have the ability to easily shop dozens of local Banks/Lenders for the best terms. We’ll hand-hold them through the loan process and make sure they get the best deal.

If interested all that you’ll need to do is to let us know when you run into a business owner who might need a business loan.

If interested in learning more please let me know.

John Patterson


Cell (561) 543-9264

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