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Not that kind of Strip Club

A real estate investor wanted a loan for $1.5 million to buy a strip center located in West Palm Beach, FL.

She talked to a few banks but getting quotes from them was like getting root canal surgery.

A trusted adviser referred her to The BA Fund and we helped her find an interested lender.

Her 3 favorite loan terms were:

1. A 10-year term loan with 3.75% locked for 5 years. It had estimated monthly payments of $7,712.

2. A 10-year term loan with an interest rate of 4.2% locked for 5 years. Estimated payments were $8,085 a month.

3. A 15-year term loan with an interest rate locked at 4.21% for 5 years. The monthly pymts were estimated to be $9,257.

Please contact the BA Fund today.

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