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Business Owner Finds a Trove of Great Deals

Port Saint Lucie, FL A business owner was looking for a loan of $285,000 to purchase a property worth $400,000.

He was turned down by his bank and felt rejected.

His banker referred him to us at the BA Fund. We were able to give him a couple of loan options.

His favorite loan options were:

1. A traditional loan which was a 10-yr term consisting of an interest rate of 4.21% locked for 5 years. The monthly payments were estimated to be $1,538.

2. A 7-yr term loan. The interest rate was fixed at 5.69%. The payments were estimated to be $1,653 a month.

3. A non-traditional loan with the shortest term was a 1-yr term loan with an interest rate of 8.25% locked for 1 year. The estimated payments were estimated at $1,960 a month.

Please contact the BA Fund today.

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