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Welcome and thank you for visiting the B.A. Fund website

The B.A. Fund is the premier source for all your business lending needs. We are a full service business loan broker whose goal is to help small business owners get the best financing.

Finding the right lender to fund your business can be very hard. It seems like each lender has their own unique pile of forms to complete and getting straight answers can be very frustrating. Many borrowers tend to give up after a couple of declines and chalk up the experience to fate. It doesn't have to be this way and this is where we can help. 

We have a host of lending sources that specialize in business lending. We'll work with you to package your loan in its best possible light. 

The B.A. Advantage - How our process works.

Step 1. Pre-qualify your loan request to make sure we have lending sources who can fund your loan.

Step 2. Create a loan package. Working together we'll gather the needed financials and complete the required forms that a lender is going to need. If your loan has any weaknesses we'll find ways to compensate and mitigate them. When this is complete you will have a formal loan request that will show your company in its best possible light.

A significant advantage with creating a formal loan request is that if one lender doesn’t like your loan request, with a few clicks, we can have your loan request ready for the next Lender to review,

Step 3. Present to lender(s). Based on the strength of your loan we'll present your loan request to the lenders who would be the best fit (conventional bank, SBA, or alternative financing lenders). If they like the loan they will issue a pre-approval (aka Term Sheet).

Step 4. Choosing a lender and closing. We'll present you with the terms of the interested lenders and you let us know which offer you like best. We'll then work with you and the selected lender to make the rest of your loan process runs as smooth as possible.

Finding Financing

Please contact us at 561.543.9264 or via e-mail at

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